What is one-n-one?

A unique decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending and exchange platform.


Lend, borrow, exchange, cash-out.

We created an easy way for you to communicate secretly, exchange cryptocurrency with friends and people who you trust, borrow or lend cryptocurrency, or cash-out whenever you want.

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Find people to exchange cryptocurrency

Easily find counterparty to trade crypto, communicate, or cash out.

Web of Trust

Add friends or people who you trust to your Web of Trust. Form trusted tradeing groups. Explore friends of your friends with whom you can safely trade.

Trade on the go or at home

Our platform focused on mobile, but we offer a web-based solution for frequent traders.

Fast, cheap, and secure

We beilive in power of peer-to-peer exchange and charge no fees for exchange. We beilive in secrecy and use cutting edge cryptography in our system.


Based on the fastest blockchain technology.

one-n-one is based on TON618 blockchain technology







High-speed TON618 blockchain (MLBFT)

New high-speed blockchain solution with emphasis on security. MLBFT - machine learning Byzantine fault tollerance is a new approach to encrease security of a blockchain based on intellegent algorithms in a mining cycle and overal protection against attaks.

Web of trust

Soft security

New PGP inspired approach to cryptographically bind trusted parties and manage their priviligies, form trusted clusters, create your own economical initiatives/regulations inside your trusted circle.

Secure communication with Ethereum Whisper protocol

Whisper protocol allows people to communicate, exchange assets securely. Additional meausres of security provided by our platform to make your communication and transactions anonimous for third parties.


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